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The term awareness can save humans from alot of destruction and mess they either create or get in. The key here is to focus on self-awareness first.

The awareness of being human and knowing the essence of humanity made humans civilized and progressive in numerous ways. Human nature has always been wanting more and more towards the progress whether it is about educating themselves about basics or inventions that made drastic changes in human life. My observation here says that we as people focused more on the outer infrastructure but not on the inner development of knowing ourselves or calculating human emotions. It is good to learn on daily basis from good food to progressive science technology, basically each and everything that includes human interests. Awareness does not just means that we reformed our eating, reading, behaving or educational ways or we are no more following the old norms which were inhumane or brutal to human race. As we are growing more into the technology or in lifestyle we are forgetting and ignoring to take some time to look inside ourselves to know our strengths instead it is more like running in the marathon of being the wealthiest and the greatest.

What we are not learning is to know what our inner self is capable of. Nowadays everyone person complains of the dominance they have to face in their work places, social circles or even at their homes. A human does not at any cost sells the freedom of living peacefully by joining a job,being itself or a family member. There was a time, when humanity was not near to civilisation because there was no awarenss of human rights so the rich held poor down, one gender ruled other and a person who was rich considered the other one in a social circle to be a toy to play with. But has it really changed or improved?

Well, as i see after all this human right invention and progess even now we whine about being opressed instead of standing against the opression and the opressor. The fear of standing alone and being defeated overcomes the strength. No human is superior to other by means of wealth,race,color,gender or any aspect. All humans are created as eqauls. The one who tries to opress you is actually the coward, who wants to put you down just by being the dominant. That person wants you to feel that you cannot ever stand equal, the words or actions of the opressors are just as vague as the opressors themselves. I believe strongly that when you take the first step all the fear just goes away and the path becomes straight for you it’s just the fear before taking the first step. Dominance is self created illusion from both sides. A boss is not allowed to use the employee to spill out the frustration or as a machine just by paying some money and no woman or man has the right to rule the other one as a slave. It is just a matter of some time we need to take and know we were created as equals and free creatures. Have some faith in your creator and yourself.

Trust me! Its 206 bones just like you.

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