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How to quit drugs? / Help your friend quit drugs!

There are different kinds of drugs that are being introduced every day and all of them are really harmful, some make you addictive and some even take the life away. I am writing this because my best friend once got involved in this mess if you or your friend is addicted to one and trying to leave this bad habit but he cannot the best way I know to help yourself or your friend is to tell your/his parents but first keep these things in your mind.

  1. If you are telling about yourself or your friend first take parents in confidence by telling them story anonymously and see their reaction.
  2. Tell them your whole story and ask them to be supportive instead of being angry.
  3. If you your self is afraid then ask help of your best friend.
  4. Parents should understand that they need to help their child the worst is done no anger is going to help their child.
  5. If you are the friend and want to save/help your friend then don’t think you are doing a wrong thing you are just saving him and trust me he will one day thank you with his eyes full of tears you are not ratting him out you are saving him. Best way is to go to his parents and take them in confidence and tell them to help him he needs your help.
  6. Give your parents the right afterward and whatever they ask you if you want to save yourself.

I am sharing a story of my friend so that the parents will get the way, how to save their child.

He is my best friend and we were studying at that time I got a little busy and he made friends with some bad guys and yes bad company do influences you, well he started some drugs and those were really harmful drugs he got addicted and lost a lot of body weight and after that the drug was eating his skin. He then came to me wanted my help I tried everything I even slapped him after he comes to me after doing that drug, I use to slap himhard at that time he can’t even feel the pain, I loved him and wanted to save him. I use to threaten him that I will tell his parents but he said if you love me you would not do that. I couldn’t understand you know but somehow I went and met his dad and the best thing is his parents were so supporting they took him out of the college for a semester and his parents just started to keep an eye on him all the time they took him to work with him loved him more, they started to play games with him for 6 months it wasn’t easy I saw them crying when he was shivering with the addiction and they hold him close hug him tightly to help him and first month is always the difficult one but those parents were amazing they sacrificed their routine to help and after that time he was off from that life staking danger. I think that was the bond of parents to their child, the bond no one can understand, so pure that It can cure anything.

“Time can heal everything but only if that time should be given by the loved and right one. Patience is the key to every successful result. Keep these both points inside your brain and heart to do better in life”.


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