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A Woman- 3 ways to walk to Final Destination

  1. woman-meditation-at-mountain-3264x2448_19837 Final Destination

In my previous writings, I have talked about my experience of two kinds of lives a woman lives. A life which is independent and a life which is after all the struggles, remains dependent. But in both lives she reaches a phase of hope, and needs love. Whether a woman works day and night domestically or professionally after all the restrictions to earn and survive or she works professionally in an open environment for herself, she needs someone to appreciate with the good words which she deserves because she earns it while struggling with herself and for herself. She doesn’t need a ruler to rule her she needs a companionship for life. The companion of life if shares equally the responsiblities domestically too and values the status of woman she could grow emotionally and professionally too. Help her become a hero she wants to.

She can have a companion to share her burdens and happy moments both, she could walk with him finally towards her final destination. The person in her life does not need to decide her journey of success, he just needs to walk with her. The final destination for her is peace and happiness in whatever she did or does. She has no full stops she has a step to step struggle to be strong because in our society it is the typical mindset to set her in the struggle or battle grounds even if she is doing fine all by her own self.

My point here is to tell you all people out there, a woman is unstoppable whether she has a loving companion or all the family support or alone but if she believes, excepts and hope your support do not disappoint her it would not make you a lesser man or human it will add to your humanity and being a man. She sometime is independent enough from day one and trusts you and her choice, or maybe her parent’s choice, she believes in you as a life partner she needs you the most after her first hero, her father but you built an ego bigger than her. You want her to do all the chores and you think her work isn’t as important or hard work as yours while she is a pro of multi-tasking. She works at home and outside or professionally too with all that power for her satisfaction and passion. Then there is a woman who is always oppressed and continuously in a struggle to reach her goal and works day and night at home or outside listening to all the demotivating comments. She has a hope of being totally accepted by at least one person who is going to walk with her, she believes in fate and you being the best choice for her.

She in both ways and every condition trusts in the walk she is going to make with her life partner but even if you are not going to be with her, she is going to reach there. Her final destination is that point where she is satisfied by her own life and finally understands that nothing matters more than her being, “herself” because it is where she reaches the point of eternal peace. The outer struggles are done to end the inner struggles. I have a bunch of examples doing great while being married, unmarried or being put down by their loved ones, being a victim of domestic violence or physical or mental abuse.

To all those ladies out there, who somehow feel broken, alone and shattered you do not need anyone to be strong just feel the inner strength and keep faith in your creator who created equally in all ways you are no less than anyone. It’s not what I am just saying, I believe in it and I feel it because of my faith and all the stories which are in front of me of women doing great. I want to share with you all those stories maybe I will be unable to share all but I will definitely share some of them. Stay strong and stay happy. Keep your soul lively for your sake never compromise on your peace, dignity and power. There is nothing a woman cannot do she can choose whatever field she wants she is born with the total right of being herself.


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