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A Woman- 3 ways to walk to Final Destination



  1. Struggler

A girl who is born to struggle and with dreams of moving towards the destination, she has a very clear picture of her goal. She knows that she has been born at a place where even her acceptance is a struggle. She is a bad co-incidence to her family in the shape of baby girl she just took the place of the baby boy probably the parents were dreaming off.

She is sometimes called a curse, weakness and a heavy responsibility. She is invisible, incompetent and restricted to be independent naturally. She has all these typical cliché thoughts attached with her birth. She is not loved as a little angel she is not given all the prime times of being a child. She has no big doll houses and lovely hugs. She in a very little age is totally grownup to be responsible for her own self and the household chores too. She fights for herself she believes in herself alone and try to fill in the vacuums created by others. Her journey starts with the only love of her mother, sister or friends but with the emptiness of father’s and brother’s love. She is critically observed by the anti-female society. She struggles to be better in her academics every day but no just to prove every one wrong but for the sake of one lovely hug and appreciation from her father and brother. Unfortunately, she never gets appreciated for even the best report cards, her hope breaks a bit but she thinks to be at the final edge of life to receive all that now she could not get. She takes a long journey, tiring but when most of the people start appreciating her, she feels strong, independent and she starts a new journey where she will not be tired because her loved ones will finally join her in the journey because she finally enters to the professional life she has turned her skills and smartness into a profession and finally sets a ground to achieve the goals. She wants to prove every one wrong in order to be loved, but even then she receives the typical comments of a very tiny start or achievement, soon to be tired and left out in the critical field of professionalism. She still struggles and finally after sometime after all the restrictions, no favours and typical comments she reaches to a point where she thinks she has reached the edge, the destination. A point where things change for her she has all the satisfaction of being powerful, independent,confident, and she has all the self-esteem at the highest. She thinks of living life all by herself. She feels at that point she is finally on her way to final destination of peace. She is tired there she feels the emptiness of love she wants someone to be the companion of her journey. She has the idol of someone she made when she was not given all the loved from childhood till now, which is not a prince charming but a partner to fill in the gaps of friendship and laughing out loud. She needs someone to reach her through the bridges of understanding, comfort and trust. Or maybe she just wanted to relax, see the sunsets, meet some friends, feel beautiful, love herself and put her all efforts in her passion but then suddenly, she is emotionally pressured with the decision of marriage or getting married as soon possible even after being all alone in her journey and decisions she finally has to accept the most important decision imposed by others. She has to say yes to their decisions in the form of only happiness and her biggest good trait as per being the best daughter. She thinks a lot but the struggle of being loved still matters for her she wants to take the opportunity to be loved ignoring all the struggles of what she is now and what she deserves.At this point, the strongest girl lose all of it to believe anyhow she is going to receive all that love in future from that partner and get married to the choice someone else made and may get the love from the people she wanted love from the very start of her life. She looks into her mother’s eyes and finds the hopelessness she lastly steps to the final decision to receive all the love and thinks of being loved from everyone, again she believes in any other man to be the one she deserves, thinking her struggle may ends here. Finally she thinks she can walk to the final destination with someone who will not let her walk alone. Struggles will be no more struggles. Maybe yes maybe no? The walk continues…

To be continued…


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