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Money, respect and fame

This digital era has transformed human into machines, people are so fascinated by the performance of the machines due to their performance of accuracy and frequency that they want to be better than those machines ignoring the fact that they are far better than those machines they have invented those machines not the machines made them human. In running to win the race they are missing out the privileges of life and living it to the fullest. Humans are always in the race of growing instead of getting better in all possible ways of life. Sometimes growth is not betterment and modernization is not the way to success and peace. Sometimes inventions reach to the massive exploitations and to bed leading in progress leads to progression. Humans are basically misunderstanding the concept of betterment with earning more fame, power and moneyinstead of humanitarian causes. Everything somehow relates to the materialistic goods and luxuries. People are so attracted by the glamour of this world that they forgot about their morals, their responsibility towards being human and serving humanity, they want what they want in any way they can get it. So, there is a story:

Once a Teacher and a student were going on a journey, they had 3 slices of bread with them, the student was carrying the pieces of breadand suddenly he felt hungry,he started to eat the bread taking small bites secretly. Afterwards, when the decided to sit to eat the food there were only 2 slices of breads left the teacher asked,“Where is the third slice of bread?” The student answered that “I don’t know i was walking with you the whole time.”

After eating they continued their journey on their way they found three gold bricks the teacher said, one is mine and the other one is yours and the third one is for the person who ate the third bread, then the student replied, “I lied before, I am sorry it was me who ate the bread”. The teacher after hearing the truth said, “Son your truth is a lie and your lie is also a lie.”

Well this is the mind state of people these days for “MONEY, FAME and RESPECT” they lie, speak truth, sell their dignity and sell their self-respect. They just need these three things any way or every way, they will do anything for their purpose. Even, the way to good purpose will carry the harmfulness in itself. The good deeds are followed by bad intention to gain fame and earn money. A person is ready to sell self-respect for being famous or rich. No good can be done without keeping the selfishness first.

And one thing they are missing while being all greedy, “When u multiply anything with zero you will get the answer zero”just like “these things when multiplied by death they are equal to zero.” GRAVE is the answer you will get in the end and do you want that to be the only answer, you don’t wantto find out that there is something beyond that?????

It is true that you have to cop up with life and work for a good lifestyle but the thing you are missing here is the factor of peace which is the base of good life it is even before all those luxuries and material things that are a far more distant step to needs. My point here is, “A man makes money, he has invented money not the money has invented the human. Even the machine that makes money is not operated by itself but with the command of human. The value of money is estimated by a human when he holds, earns and circulates it or sets not the money choses the human or human value. A human can give value to money or materialistic things but those things cannot set a scale of human life, personality and value.”




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