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A Woman- 3 ways to walk to Final Destination

  1. Independent

Have you ever been to a beach? The longing waves give you an immense view of beauty but you want to reach the ending and starting points, your eyes search for a point to rest the search. No matter what, you want to find a way to rest. Sometimes you want to see the beach to fulfil your inner thirst but you have to land your feet to sandy crust in order to reach the island of peace. The sand sometimes is just little in amount just surrounding the beach but sometimes the beach and the waves lead you to dessert, the dessert which gives you feeling of dryness.In the dessert again you want to find the point of rest. The sand rather is little in amount or even bigger to the extent of dessert but the walk has to be complete in any way to reach the destination. The third way of reaching destination is to make it by yourself, yes you have to collect the sand combine it with some beach to form a destination in form of a mud house to later make it into a greater island.

No, today I am not going to tell you the final destination of a woman and it is not a final ending or an edge of a woman’s life. Actually it is even a question for me that, where is her final destination? Where is it all going to end? A woman has different phases through which she wants to reach to the edge of her life. She starts the journey from her home she thinks that it is her forever place to stay but as she moves out of her life she finds just a whole new world where she learns how to travel in this world’s journey she finds the interesting tools, hobbies and friendships. She starts to learn new things and lessons of her life in personal and academic life both and thinks that she has finally found her life. A life full of joy, friends and studying to reach the level of an educated being, further she faces the complexities of practical life she finds what she wants to reach her professional life because she finds it compulsory to have a goal and profession by moulding her art or skills maybe hobbies on a more drastic level in order to fulfil the materialistic phase of journey. She finally reaches to a level where success is near and she starts earning, but she craves for more in her life to increase the level of accuracy, professionalism and lifestyle. She thinks it is the final phase of life and she needs to struggle to strive for better she gives in all her power to groom her hobby, skill, objective, goal or profession to reach the final destination where she can publish her personality. Life is finally on a way meaningful, independent, fulfilling, a lot of love from family, appreciation, her home and peace. This can also be a woman’s life and her goals because she is a human and all these needs and urges are reated to human nature not just designed for a gender called Male.

Suddenly, someone comes around who wants to share her life with her by making all those big promises and making her trust that her dreams and goals are understood and safe. She feels the urge to make him her life partner she has all the questions raised that the journey is not completed yet? Do i really need this? A long walk again. A walk with a person, maybe it would be easy, comfortable and maybe the final destination? Maybe yes maybe no? The walk continues…

To be continued…

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