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A Woman-My best friend

Mirrors are so attractive for women, people say women always look thousand times in mirror to see themselves how do they look while going to a party or even if they are passing by during window shopping they will look at each mirror with same devotion. I think it’s great to see the beauty you hold, i mean why not? Well, I honestly think being a woman, the invention of mirror is great but what if there were no mirrors invented? I once thought about this idea of having no mirrors and only we will be able to see other things or eachother or maybe we could see ourselves in the moving waves of waters, our shadows on the ground or maybe in the eyes of others but that would be pretty indecisive because no one could give you the best shape or image of yourself as your personality vary people to people according to their vision and understanding of your personality. So I was drawn very deep into this idea of a world with no mirrors. What possibly a human can do about it?

I found my answer that I do look like a woman, totally like her, yes!She is my best friend and I can see myself in her. But when I tried to look myself in her she showed me an even better image of myself, a classic lady with her shoulders up and chin up, she worked better than a mirror, I with my little clouds of thoughts derived the answer that, it showed me the future, yes my future! Isn’t amazing? Only then was the time I came to know how important is it to have that kind of best friend in life, the best and irreplaceable one. She had the same eyes but instead of dreams and thoughts she had the light of accomplishments, same skin but full of strength marks and stretches, same smile but a bit more confident and loving, same hands but full of care and firmness, same hairs but full of stars, maybe a galaxy painted on a canvas because it was so shiny and sparkling, for a while I thought maybe I am going to become a celebrity in future because that much progress should be credited anyway. She was so better from me in every way, it made me happy that being with her i can inspire myself by looking in her eyes my future image and I am going to be better and grow into a lady as the time passes because I am going to be all groomed in her presence, but one day when i went to her to stare in her eyes to look again the sparkling future for inspiring myself i noticed; why is my best friend missing one thing that I had immense in amount? The excitement of living young in her eyes is missing. That day, I was worried. Why have I not been looking at her? I have never looked keen into her eyes? Was I just looking casually at her because I use to meet her regularly or maybe she was hiding her eyes by looking all amazing every day? Maybe because she loved me that much to not make me worried about her. I am her best friend that was my responsibility to look after her. This further made me think that I should talk to her maybe she is taking that stress too high. That day, I talked to her I listened to her she was not as lifeless as her eyes were, just like me she wanted all those care-free night outs, lunches, dinners, peace, friends, those compliments, pretty dresses, high heels, perfect pout pictures, traveling hill stations and those best friends talk and walk which I just ignored because I was too busy looking at myself. Suddenly I felt her eyes reflecting my past. That day she looked so young and full of life. She even looked the childish version of me. She just became a past looking mirror too which just kept hanged on a wall and no one is ready to see. Who was she? Whether a mirror of past or future? Why can’t I see her as I was at that time? Why not a present image of me in the eyes? What is making her miss all those events even after so much urge of joy why is she unable to live those moments? She was my best friend and mirror and should be living a life like me. And then I just told myself the point I was missing that, “she is my dear mom”. Age and outer skin has nothing to do with a person’s right to live young. I will be like her in some coming years I will be someone’s mirror. I will grow old and more beautifully strong but the one thing that haunted me and I did not wanted to see my future was that I could not find that excitement for life in her eyes, and why I did not wanted to see her as my future even after all those beautiful and strong changes was the emptiness of her eyes.

There is always a lady who keeps sacrificing her life for her family and specially her daughter as she grows people think that she has nothing to do with the joys of life and that is totally a misconception. A woman in all her ages has the right to live up to her dreams she should not be abandoned as a wife, daughter or mother. Now I know I need to make her really feel like my best friend I should also fulfil the responsibility of being best friend. A two way friendship, bond and equal amount of care is her right and share of life. To all the daughters out there, don’t take that best friend for granted, she is the real one.The best advisor, mentor, listener and she will never betray or envy you. She never leaves you even if you annoy her for whole life. She is the real life saver, secret keeper and protector you find all your life in looking up for best friends. She is the best friend because she even understood you when you were unable to say a single word she is the true example of heart to heart connections.





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