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A Woman – Stubborn and Firm

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Remember the little girl holding the doll, running with her little feet around the house and the laughter which held the universal innocence and she seem to be more soft and delicate than the doll she is holding?

Yes she is dropping down step by step from her fairy tale world to the real world. It is often said that a girl or woman is weak or may not be able to take the hardships of life she lives in her dreamland but have you ever noticed that she is not the delicate princess of her fairy tale? She is the hero because what I have seen in her you may ignore it as a something very ordinary daily life matter. When a girl is in her childhood she feels herself a very care-free princess, her home is the strongest palace, father the toughest yet most loving king and mother, the prettiest and wisest of all Queens. She no doubt lives in the wonderland she created in her little heart and brain but once she steps out she turns to be a hero. How?

The slightest desires and the biggest dreams are to be accomplished by her parents she makes them withdraw their points and wins by her stubbornness. She is so pampered all her life that she becomes so care-free towards the real world problems. As she walks towards the practical world she starts to understand that she has to be the hero and the princess all by herself, no one is going to save her from the monster of the fairy tale. She has to be both in one personality, keep herself firm for the outer world and be the soft one for her beloved people and herself too, to keep the goodness all awake. She still tends to be stubborn but not for herself but towards all those difficulties and harsh realities, stubborn to be pure heart even in all that evilness and heartbreaks. Is it easy to be both hero and angelic, soft and hard at the same time?

She from a kid grows up to be a mother and a wife. She still has that transparent soft skin but she gives birth to a new life. Do you know the strength which is needed to give birth? She needs no comparisons she just needs to be herself. She is so strong and beautiful, a sum up of extraordinary events she never stops she is always moving as a wife, mother and an awesome spark herself. She supplies the unmatchable light and strength to the husband she can hold him up when he is there to give up with her partnership and smile she creates lights of hope. She deals him as a husband and kid altogether. She is never tired even if she is fighting herself to grow up and stand up. Still she speaks and smiles like a ray of light touching the flowers to light them up more. She loses all herself as a stubborn princess to grow into more awesomeness of transforming into a Queen. Step up and keep that crown right you are the fighter and the purest soul. Be proud of yourself.

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