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Life And Death

Life revolves around numerous tasks but nowadays just like another machine we are assigned to some responsibilities of earning and making a status to cope up with the quality life. Waking up to a day full of hustle and performing like an assigned performer. Minus the race of getting along with everyone and everything emotionally or humanly, just think for a while, “Why our creation and our existence was tend to be a part of the infinite galaxies stars and all that unfolded reality?”

Life means existence ,that you exist! well have you ever felt that you are not existing? think we all feel it every night when we sleep , well the duration you sleep what do you feel? Nothing . Think about this right after waking up. May be , its the same feeling as you are not even born . Can we think of anything before we were born? No, because for us nothing was there.

This Earth is so old and we are living in the 20th century, what were we for the past unlimited centuries ?

Your daily life routine doesn’t let you think about this , but i want you to look at your past, and see how time flies the passage of time itself is a point to ponder.

When we were kids we wanted to become adults but when we are adults we want to become kids again and at that time we can not get what we want. We have to carry on from there to the end of life .

Death is an ugly truth. But if death is the reality then what is the reality of life? Life have an ending. The most important question of our life is death . Do you really want to believe that there is nothing beyond death . Just ask your self , this life flies so fast . There is always a moral to the story when it ends. Do we really know our moral endings?

Sometimes we do make mistakes , and we want to go back and make them right , this happens to everybody. So i want you to think, Either all of us living our life the right way or we would want ourselves to go back and make it right again? There is only one chance of life this is an experience we all have each and every minute is bringing us to an end. If we lose a minute we can not have it back its gone forever.


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